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Resi-Tester - TP300

Resi-TesterTM (TP300) is the first identifier and verification tester designed exclusively for all the wiring environments found in Home Networking and Home Automation. CATV, telephone systems, audio cable, security/alarm wiring, and network cabling can all be tested and located using the Resi-TesterTM and optional room identifier sets. Multiple input ports and included adapter cables mean any wire can be attached and tested! Resi-TesterTM displays cabling results using a large easy to read LCD with clear concise information showing all the faults connected with the various cable types. It warns of voltage on lines and shows a Pass or Fail message after each test.

The built-in tone generator sends a signal down installed wires, so that they can be traced in the walls and their exact terminus identified. The built-in remote will identify individual outlets whether they are phone, cable or data network. Using the optional multi-identifier sets, the user can verify connections on up to 10 coax outlets and 8 paired cables simultaneously for wire-mapping the largest jobs easily and efficiently.

Test-Um Inc.'s Resi-TonerTM is a full function tone generator with unique features designed to further test connections on telephone systems and speaker installations. Find your outlets and assure your connections with the Resi-TonerTM

  • "Powers-up" the installed telephone lines under actual load conditions with a simulated dial tone to check connectivity and proper wiring configurations without a service connection

  • Full-feature tone generator with 3 different tone sounds and continuity test

  • Generates a unique tone sequence for testing speaker installations by "popping" speakers---will work with either AC or DC coupled speaker types

  • Requires 9V battery (not included)

Package Contents
  • Resi-Tester TM

  • TP309: Resi-Tester TM #1 Terminatortestandverpro

  • TP65: Replacement #1 Coax Remote Idenitifier for Resi-Tester TM

  • TP40: 12in. Cable Assembly, RJ45/alligator clips

  • TP20: 7.5in. Cable Assembly

  • Instruction Manual


Sanyo Heavy Duty Batteries 1 pack 9V
Sanyo Heavy Duty Batteries 1 pack 9V

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